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François Bel is a French artist from Lyon. He’s a painter, a sculptor, a installation-artist and he has many sources of inspiration. He grown in Street-art atmosphere, which inspire himself by repetition and multiplication. He has such an interest for any Art History movements as « New Realism », Dada and Pop-Art, which devious daily items to criticize our society of consumption, as Marcel Duchamp did with his ready-made. His work, made of nylon strings for his suspensions and iron strings for his sculptures, François Bel re-appropriates all materials. A game of partitioning, he denounces our contemporary society, by its individualism, by its materialism. Then, each material has its own artistic and philosophic measure. His tiny « Big Bang » encrusted in acrylic glass, like if they were fixed in the instant by explosion interogate ourselves about Time, which pass, consumes and survive ourselves. In a society where the fast is the best answer, where human being has control on everything, François Bel crystallizes people’s dreams, by saying stop to Time in his artworks. A mix of frustration, fascination, his sculptures are the reflect of our civilization, our anger, our intern revolutions jailed in a too much powerful society. François Bel is exhibited and collected in France, Monaco, Spain, Corea, the USA and Belgium.

Warhology Turquoise Caps Size: 17" x 5.5" x 4" Medium: Acrylic Glass Price Upon Request

Warhology Red-White and Yellow, Size: 17" x 5.5" x 4" Medium: Acrylic Glass Price Upon Request

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