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More than Meets the Eye: Embodied Engagement with After the Last Supper, Art Journal, feature article and photographs, by Jenni Lauwrens, The College Art Association

Article and Photographs, Déjà vu, The Mockingbird, by Margaret Pope,

Feature Article and Photographs, Arty Magazine, by Caspar Sun, China, March



Cover Photo, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Rutgers University



Girl with a Hoop Earring: Fun with Vermeer, Art News, article and photographs, by Robin Cembalest, June 
Inspiration on the Walls, Selections Magazine, Lebanon, by Lucy Knight, September, 2013 

Objects of Desire: Through a Glass Brightly, Art and Antiques Magazine, article and photographs, by John, Dorfman, Nov. 2012
The Top Corporate Art Collections, Forbes, article and photograph, by Samantha Sharf, August 2, 2012
No Place Like Home, Art Forum, article, by David Velasco, March, 2012
Super Iride, Elle Décor Italia, full-page photograph, March 2012
Can you see what I mean? An exploration of the limits of vision in anti-ocularcentric contemporary art, De arte, article and photograph, by Jenni Lauwrens, September, 2012
Thousands visit Fine Art Fair, The Desert Sun, article and photograph, by K. Kaufman, February, 20, 2012
Alice’s Wonderland, The New Yorker, article, by Rebecca Mead, June 27, 2011
Devorah Sperber: American Gothic Thread Works, designboom, photo and essay, December 18, 2011
Crystal Bridges, the Art MuseumWalmart Money Built Opens, The New York Times, photograph, by Roberta Smith, photographs by Steve Hebert, December 26, 2011.
Exhibit of the week, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, The Week, Arts: review, November 18, 2011
Alice Walton unlocks treasury of American Art, Star-Telegram, article, by Galle Robinson, November 10, 201
Unspooling the Cues, review and photograph, by Paul Smart, Woodstock Times, March 17

Glimpsing the Brain’s Powers (and Limitations), The New York Times, article, November 20
Clin D'oeil au Louvre, Beaux Art Magazine, review, July, 2010
On nous fait de l’oeil, Beaux Art Magazine, photograph and review, August, 2010
Driven to Abstraction, Rotunda Magazine, article and photograph, fall, 2010 


Art Basel – Miami Beach, Woodstock Times, article and photograph, by Paul Smart, December 3
Strung Along, News Sentinel, article and photographs, by Amy McRary, Knoxville, TN, October 25
CBS News Sunday Morning, feature story on maptack art, Cathy Lewis, producer, November 29
Pixel Perfect Building Blocks, Embroidery Magazine, 6 page article and photographs, by Jessica Hemmings, UK, July/August, 2009
Of the Beholder, The Devorah Sperber Experience, Boise Weekly, by Christopher Schnoor, July 29
CLIN D'ŒIL AU LOUVRE!,, Interview by Sebastian Valtida, June 9, 2009
Devorah Sperber: Galerie Nordine Zidoun, Le Figaro, France, July 7, 2009
Devorah Sperber chez Nordine Zidoun, Abonnez-vous au Magazine, review and photograph, June 5
Devorah Sperber: Clin d'oeil au Louvre, Respect Magazine, June, 2009
Scientists and Artists Explore Visualization at World Science Festival, Popular Mechanics, by Linda Yin, June 18, 2009
Clin d'oeil au Louvre, Galerie Nordine Zidoun, ARTPRESS, July 2009
Seeing is believing... not so fast, Idaho Press-Tribune, by Dan Lea, July 4, 2009
Devorah Sperber—Gallery Nordine Zidoun, Art and You, France, June 24, 2009
Reality turned upside down, Idaho Statesman, Dana Oland, June 25, 2009
Artist to Artist with Devorah Sperber, Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine, feature article and photographs, by Lesley Riley, May/June, 2009
Nishon/ I Feel Magazine, Israel, review and photograph, June 2009PBS Sunday Arts Feature Profile: Devorah Sperber, PBS WNET Thirteen New York, January 11, 2009
Crystal Balls, Pixels & Transporters: Artist Devorah Sperber,”Roll Magazine, cover art, feature article and photographs, by Ross Rice, March 10- April 10, 2009
Please Don’t Be Seated, Art News, feature article and photograph, by Steven Skov Holt and Mara Holt Skov, December 2008
Follow the Thread, feature article and photographs, Anna Magazine, By Kitty Cox, December
Taking off on Andy Warhol, Grand Magazine, feature article and photograph, by Charhotte Prong Parkhill, November/December 2008
Devorah Sperber, Sleek Magazine, photographs and article, Germany, Spring 2008
On the Cover, Chronogram Magazine, cover art and review by Amy Lubinski, August
For the Folks at Home, Woodstock Times, photographs and review by Paul Smart, July 31
Devorah Sperber, Sculpture Magazine, July- August 2008
Seeing Things, Museum Magazine, review and photograph, July- August 2008
Taking off on Andy Warhol, Grand Magazine, feature article and photograph, by Charolotte Prong Parkhill, Canada, November/ December 2008
Museums That Speak to Children, The New York Times, text and photograph, by Lisa Foderaro, May 2
Shatners at an Exhibition: Artist Devorah Sperber draws a bead on Star Trek, Geek Monthly, 2 page article with color photos, by Jeff Bond, May 2008
Fair Weather, artnet, review and photograph, by Walter Robinson, March 28, 2008
Events for Friday in New York, Daily News, by Carlin Galietti, March 28, 2008
Dangly Trek mosaic art, Boing Boing- a directory of wonderful things, by Cory Doctorow, March 24
Bead Me Up, Scotty: A Crafty Take on Star Trek, WIRED blog network, by Sonia Zjawinski, March 19
Artist Devorah Sperber Boldly Goes Where No Needlepointer Has Gone Before, New York Magazine: Vulture, by Emma Pearse, March 18, 2008
Recommended Exhibitions: Devorah Sperber: Mirror Universe, New York Magazine, listing published from March 20- April 26, 2008
Spring Art Preview: Devorah Sperber: 'Mirror Universe', Village Voice, by R.C. Baker, March 4
Mind and Matter, Art in America, review and photograph, by Eleanor Heartney, April
Geo Magazine, Germany
Neural Networking in Manhattan, Nature, review and photograph, by Giovanni Frazzetto, Feb 14
The Science of Sight, National Post (Canada), interview and 2-page photo spread, October 11
Title and Text in Chinese, , article and photograph, October, 19, 2007
Brooklyn Museum: The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber, The New York Times, review and photograph, by Benjamin Genocchio, March 23, 2007
The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber, The New Yorker, March 12, 2007
The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber, The New Yorker, February 19 & 26
Venray schept zijn eigen Da Vincicode, TrouwNewspaper, TheNetherlands, by Jolanda Breur,
Aug 18
Voit-on le monde tel qu-il est ?, Ca m'interesse Magazine, Paris, France, 2-page photo spread and text, October 10, 2007
The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber, The Brooklyn Museum, Art and Living Magazine, Issue 5, 2007, by John McCarthy
Hanging out with Mona Lisa, upside down, The Woodstock Times, February 1, 2007, by Paul Smart
Thread, Artillery Magazine, review by Anuradha Vikram, vol 2 no 2, Nov/Dec 2007
Oakland art galleries creating loud 'Murmur' on first Fridays, Oakland Tribune, by Robert Taylor, August 14, 2007
Eye of the Beholder, New Scientist Magazine, review and color photograph, March 17
Exhibit ties traditional craft together with computer technology, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, February 1, 2007, by Kurt Shaw

Material Abuse, The New York Times, July 21, 2006 by Ken Johnson
Seeing Things: A Conversation with Devorah Sperber, Feature Article, by Ana Finel Honigman, Sculpture Magazine, May 2006 issue
Probing the Picasso Lobe: Visual Art and the Brain, Update: New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, cover photo and article, March/April 2006 issue
Recent Projects, Public Art Review, Spring/Summer 2006 Issue
Where Art is Fun, The Woodstock Times, by Paul Smart, July 20, 2006
Spooling Us In,” The Woodstock Times, by Paul Smart, February 23, 2006
Making Something Out of Nothing, The New York Times, by Benjamin Genocchio, October 30
Repetition makes the ordinay sublime, The Boston Globe, by Christine Temin, July 20, 2005
26th Ljubljana Print Biennale, Catalogue Essay by Marilyn Kushner, curator, Brooklyn Museum of Art, July 2005
First Quartered, Then Drawn, The New York Times, article by Benjamin Genocchio, Feb 13
Public Art :In Review, Art in America’s Annual Guide, August 2005
Cast a Vote for Art, The Wichita Eagle, by Chris Shull, March 11, 2005
Passion for Process, Buzz Weekly, by Courtney Hrejsa, February 3, 2005
Quartered, Flipped, & Rotated, Catalogue Essay by Patterson Sims, director, Montclair Art Museum, October 2004
Squint, The New York Times, by Roberta Smith, October 8, 2004
Non-Linear Work from Off the Rim, U.S. 1 Newspaper, by Frank Rivera, June 23, 2004 Devorah Sperber, The New Yorker, illustration and short list, May 31, 2004
Devorah Sperber, The New Yorker, review, May 17, 2004
Exhibits: Remembering Anne, Newsweek International Edition, by Kathryn Williams, June 28
Low-Tech Science, Sperber’s Digital Spool Magic Expands Worlds, Woodstock Times, by Paul Smart, April 1, 2004
Don't Look Now, Lexington Herald-Leader, review by Heather Lindquist, photo, February 15
No Pens, No Brushes, Courier-Journal, review by Diane Heilenman, January 11, 2004
After The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, The New York Times, review by Ken Johnson, June 20
Seeing Things, Art Journal, 18 page Feature/Artist Project, Essay by Patricia Phillips
Innovative Arts Center Showcases Fiber, Fiberarts Magazine, review by Karen Searle, November
Spinning art with spools of thread, The Wichita Eagle, review by Chris Shull, October 12
Rearview Mirror: Formed to Function?, Dialogue Magazine, review by Kevin Cole, May/June
Itinerary: Devorah Sperber: Pixelated, Sculpture Magazine, June 2003
Itinerary: Formed to Function? Sculpture Magazine, April, 2003
February Picks, NY Arts, by Christopher Chambers, February, 2003
Seeing not believing in Kohler exhibit, Journal Sentinel, review by James Auer, Feb. 24
Formed to Function?, The Sheboygan Press, review by Mary Ann Holley/ photo, Feb. 23
Artists Shine in Shared Show, Denver Post, review by Kyle MacMillan, photo, February 10
High Tech Impact Comes Through Unplugged, The Rocky Mountain News, review by Mary Voelz Chandler, color photo, January 25, 2003
Grooving to the Oldies--Fascinating shows feature riffs on the golden age of modernism, Westword, review by Michael Paglia, January 30, 2003

More is More: Repetition Adds Dimension to Patterns, The New York Times, review by Helen Harrison, color photo, October 13, 2002
A Sprinking of Diamonds, Magazine, review by Charlie Finch, December 13,
Bikinis, Bandanas, and a VW Bus, Time Out New York, review by Robert Mahoney
Bikinis, Bandanas, and a VW Bus, The New Yorker, review by Andrea Scott, March 21,
Alterations, Sculpture Magazine, review by Ana Honigman, photo, January-February 2002
The Impossible Theme, Cleveland Free Times, review by Frank Green, March 6-12, 2002
Even with FotoFest's tech emphasis, photography wins out,"The Dallas Morning News, review by Janet Kutner, photo, March 17, 2002
DEVORAH SPERBER, Post-Digital: 800 Lbs. of Pixels, The New York Times, review by Ken Johnson, March 23, 2001
Devorah Sperber, HEREArt Gallery, New York City, Sculpture Magazine, review by Joel Silverstein, photo, Dec., 2001
Alterations, The New Yorker, review, August 6, 2001Alterations, Time Out New York, review by Sarah Schmerler, July 19, 2001
Talent, New York Magazine, review by Edith Newhall, color photograph, July 9, 2001
ELEMENTS 2000, Sculpture Magazine, review by Joel Silverstein, March 2001
Female Touch enlivens sculpture park and garden, The Sunday Star Ledger, review by Dan Bischoff
Former Creek Student Plays with Reality in NYC, The Villager, review by Quentin Young, color photos, March 8, 2001
Summer Sculpture Exhibitions, Princeton Town Topics, review by Frank Rivera, July 26
ELEMENTS 2000, Review Magazine, review/article by Joel Silverstein, March, 2000
SECCA’s ‘minutiae’ more craft than art, News & Record, review by Jacqueline Humphrey, November 16, 2000
Extra Ordinary, Journal Now, review/ article by Tom Patterson, December 12, 2000.
Participatory Works: Viewers as Co-Creators, Sculpture Magazine, review by Jane Allen, color photo, January/ February 2000
Art in the Woods, Daily Freeman, review by Bonnie Langston, color photo, June 11, 2000
ELEMENTS 2000 Exhibition Open at 7 Locations, Esquire-Japan, review by Yuriko Yamaki, color photo, April 2000
Back to Basics, Staten Island Advance, review by Michael Fressola, photographs, Jan 28
Communing with the Elements, Woodstock Times, article by Maria Pranzo, photo, March 9
Creative Careers- Today in New York, Daily News, review by Pam Lapore, March 21
In Islip, Experimentation and Installation, The New York Times, review by Helen Harrison, color photo, Aug. 29, 1999
Rooms with a View. Long Island Voice, review by Michael Giacalone, August 19-25, 1999
Byrdcliffe Bounty, Woodstock Times, review by Kathi Norklin, photo, Woodstock, NY. May
Master Carver Imparts her Art, Woodstock Times, review by Kelly Lockmer, photos, Woodstock, NY. December 1998
Locus Pocus, Woodstock Times, review and photos, Woodstock, NY. September 1998
Ten Years Later, The Villager, Greenwood Village, CO. May 1998
Featured Artist, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Web Site. May 1998
Sperber’s Spacious Vision, Woodstock Times, Woodstock, NY. May 1998
Numbers, The Villager, review and photo, New York City. January 1997
What’s Up Downtown, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Downtown, article and photo, New York City. January 1997
Multiplism as a Feminist Strategy, Business Women’s Calendar, article, New York City. January
Arts and Stage, Gazette Telegraph, article by Rick Ansorge, photo, Colorado Springs, CO,  April
Anne Frank in the World: Exhibit in Pueblo,”Colorado Women News, article, Colorado Springs, CO. April 1996
Looking at the Holocaust, The Pueblo Chieftan, article, Pueblo, CO. March 1996
Eight Holocaust Exhibits Open at San de Christo, Intermountain Jewish Review, article, Denver, CO. March 1996
Means of Survival and Remembrance, The Colorado Springs Independent, review, Colorado Springs, CO. March 1996

Witness to the Holocaust, Hembra- Journal of Southwest Feminist Art, feature article by Ruth B. Cohen, cover photo, Albuquerque, NM. Dec. 1995

Commissions, Sculpture Magazine, March 1995.

Hall of Fame, Colorado Institute of Art Alumni News, article, Denver, CO. March

Carved in stone, Westword, Denver, CO. February 1994
Denver artist flourishes in NYC, Intermountain Jewish News, feature article and photo, Denver, CO. March 1993
Patience is definitely a virtue, The Villager, feature article by Sascha Brodsky, photo, New York City. January 1993

"Sculptor's Work on Display At Saint Rose," The Chronicle, feature article and cover photos, Albany, NY. February 1992
Sculptor's creative intensity bound to Holocaust, The Jewish Review, feature article, Portland, OR. November 1992
Bearing Witness, The Times Union, front page color photo, Albany, NY. March 1992
Record of an ugly era, The Oregonian, review by Randy Gragg, photo, Portland, OR. October
Local artist carving her own niche, Intermountain Jewish News , article by Leslie Haines, Denver, CO. September 1991
One girl's diary opens window on Holocaust, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, feature article and color photo, Colorado Springs, CO. March, 1991
Denver Sculptor pays tribute in stone, Boulder Camera, feature article by Diane Zuckerman, Boulder, CO. March 1991
Anne Frank's ordeal inspires exhibit, Denver Post, article by Alan Katz, Denver, CO. March
Anne Frank exhibit lures 500 to Museum of Natural History, Rocky Mountain News, review by James B. Meadow, Denver, CO. March 1991
The Monument to Anne Frank, Denver Post, color photo, Denver, CO. February 1991




2019 Pixel Art DADA Mag no233, DADA, a monthly art review, by Christian-Leon Nobial-Porlon, Redation en chef, Paris, France 

2018 Discovering the Humanities 4th edition, by Henry Sayre, McGrawn- Hill/ Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London, UK

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2015 Mona Lisa Reimagined, by Erik Maell, Goff Books, December

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Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, by Robert Hirsch

The Brain: Big Bangs, Behaviours, and Beliefs, by Rob DeSalle, Ian Tattersall, Patrica J. Wynne, Yale University Press

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Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary, exhibition catalogue, Museum of Arts & Design, New York, NY

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Reflections: Largest Spool Art, Guinness World Records

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Thread, exhibition catalogue, Wood Street Galleries, Philadelphia, PA

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