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2017 Gilles Clement Gallery, Greenwich CT

2016 Unity - Fashion - Fame, Alon Zakaim Fine Art, London, UK

2015 Elements, Brinam Wood Galleries, New York, NY

2015 Portrait of America, Contessa Gallery, Lyndhurst, OH

2014 Portrait of America, Smithsonian Museum, Washingtin, DC

2013 Eye to Eye, Shchukin Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2013 Beauty and Power, Shchukin Gallery, Paris, France

2012 Emblem and Image, Birnam Wood Galleries, New York, NY

2012 Politics, Peace and Passion, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

2012 Solo exhibition Emblem and Image (featured a portrait of President Barack Obama that traced the arc of African-American political and social experience over 150 years)

2011 Viewpoints of Millions, Westwood Gallery, New York, NY

2008 789 Avant Gallery, New York, NY


2013 Viewpoint of Billions with Google Glass, KIWI Arts Group and Gallery Shchukin, Miami, FL

2010 Arsenal Museum, Kiev, Ukraine

2009 Mironova Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2008 Manege, Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia

2006 798 Avant Gallery, New York, NY

2005 Na Kuznetskom Mostu, Central Exhibit Hall, Moscow, Russia

2004 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

Datuna has participated in numerous contemporary art fairs, including Art Miami, Scope, Los Angeles Art Show, Art Southampton, Art Hamptons, Houston Fine Art Fair, Texas Contemporary, Art Palm Beach, Art Moscow and others.



Following his battle with cancer, Datuna established The Fund for Life, a philanthropic organization dedicated to fighting fatal diseases worldwide. In conjunction with the Fund, David also established the Life Award, which is given to corporations and individuals for exceptional contributions to sustaining and saving of human lives. The first recipient of the Life Award became Gilead Sciences, Inc. for its work in Georgia in combating the hepatitis C epidemic.

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