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David unveiled his Make America Stronger Together installation at the doorstep of Trump Tower in New York City. The artist has combined the themes MAKE AMERICA (Donald Trump) with STRONGER TOGETHER (Hillary Clinton) representing a divided nation, and created two monumental works of art with the hope to bring the divided nation closer. The 10 X 20-foot mixed-media sculpture was created in Datuna’s signature style contrasting different points of view challenging a fragmented contemporary culture. The work consists of two American flags facing back-to-back covered in a collage of newspapers, quotes, and images reflecting the current climate with the messages “SOS“ and “ONE.“


Datuna flew both Presidential Candidates to the Statue of Liberty in an art performance connected to the Make America Stronger Together installation. Datuna chose the New York City landmark for it being the most iconic symbol of American values and its unique status as the beacon of hope for the world


Project FreeSpace


Datuna Portrait of America Official Trailer:


Reuters reports on David Datuna at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery


David Datuna / Viewpoint of Millions: Mr. President Legacy / 2012 / New York City


David Datuna / Viewpoint of Millions: Beyond a Dream / 2012 / New York City


David Datuna / Chaotic Past / 2011 / Los Angeles


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