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Calgary based Curtis Cutshaw received his B.F.A from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 1989. While still a student, Cutshaw was accepted to the New York Loft Program through the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design where he was mentored by well know American artists Peter Halley and David Diao. After graduation, Cutshaw then attended the prestigious summer residency program at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Skowhagen, Maine, USA, the first artist from Calgary to be accepted since 1973. At Skowhegan, Cutshaw was mentored by British Artist, John Walker as well as American artists Terry Winters, Connie Fox and Bill King. In 2001, Cutshaw also attended the International Artist Workshops in Emma Lake, Saskatchewan. Curtis befriended the late Illingworth Kerr in the last few years of the artist’s life. Cutshaw would visit him at his studio where Kerr would give advice and feedback on Curtis’ latest works. Curtis has shown across Canada and in numerous international exhibitions. His work is included in many collections including Alberta Foundation For The Arts, Cenovus Energy, Encana Corporation, Mount Royal University, Shell Canada Limited and Wilson Laycraft LLP.

This series of paintings has fractured, deconstructed and organic images on individual birch wood tiles, which create a sense of removal of purpose.  The images hold a complexity, which evokes visual harmony. Scratched, rubbed, marked, erased and distressed images hint at re purposing and the multiple pieces appear to have a history, where in fact the artist creates them. The viewers’ mind wants to reassemble the pieces and use what is there to create what is not there.  Cutshaw does not allow for the accidental. The works may appear spontaneous, yet every piece, every mark; whether it is painted, drawn or scratched, is intentional. The artists’ touch, his hand and his construction are at the center of each work.

There Now, 2019 Size: 40.5” x 34.75” Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

Reverb, 2018 Size: 52.5” x 64.5” Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

Who To, 2018 Size: 67.5” x 52.75” x 2" Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

Nine Stories, 2017 Size: 44.25” x 67.5” x 2" Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

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