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Javier  Martin  (Spain,  1985)  is  a  multidisciplinary artist  who bases  his  creative exploration  on  the careful  observation  of  his  surroundings,  detecting  semiotic  relationships  that might  otherwise pass by  unnoticed  to  the  myopic  observer.  With this approach, the artist conceives circumstances that invite reflection on impending maters in today’s world.  His works carry eloquent  meaning  and profound  political  messages,  prompting  viewers  to  reflect  on  their behavior and  social responsibility.  Raised  in  Spain,  Martin  began  pain)ng  in  oil  colors  at  the tender  age  of  seven,  and  had  his  first  exhibition  at  the  age  of  eight;  however,  he  never  allowed formal artistic  training  to  influence  him.  Instead, he relied on his experiences, which allowed him to  explore  the  possibilities  of  various  materials  that  he  incorporates  into  his  work  today.  Martin supplemented  his  artistic  development  by  reading  about  the  universal  history  of  art  and frequently visiting  exhibitions  and  museums  around  the  world.  Traveling, living, and working in countries  -  from  Europe,  South  Korea,  Hong  Kong,  to  the  United  States  -  honed  his  observation skills,  allowing  him  to  learn  from  people  and  daily  situations  far  removed  from  his  background. Through  his  work  Martin demonstrates  his  capacity  to  manipulate  materials  and  conditions  to construct sharp  visual  metaphors  masterfully. Vision,  much  deeper  than  just  the  physical  and  biological  defined  sense  of  sight.  Javier Martin's Blindness Collection explores the notion of sight, or the lack thereof.  The eyes not only permit the  observation  of  the  world  but  provide  a  window  to  see  inward,  beyond  the  realm  of  the physical. 


Javier  has  spent  over  ten  years  developing  one  of  his  most  iconic  and  compelling  collections, Blindness.  Appropriating  the  language  of  advertising,  he  deconstructs  the  perceived  perfection  to create contrast,    exploring  the  warped  concepts  of  beauty  and  value. In  his  work,  the  eyes,  classically  associated  with  the  reflection  of  human  emotions,  will  always  be concealed.  He  eliminates  one's  most  compelling  and  expressive  tool,  whether  behind  a  vibrant stroke  of  paint  or  a  glowing  neon  light,  representative  of  how  society's  triviality  blinds  us  and takes us  further  away  from  what  is  truly  important. Mass  media,  consumption,  and  the  systems  created  by  society  occupy  space  with  vapid distractions,  dimming  the  pure  light  burning  inside  each  of  us  which  fuels  our  passions  and  lives. The  neon  in  the  Blindness  Light  Collection  references  the  bright,  artificial  lights  of  consumer culture built to distract from what is truly meaningful. The ultimate goal is not the light but discovering  what  is  behind  the  light,  what  lives  in  each  of  us. In today's society, perception is everything.  Martin's work gives form to the inarticulate feelings of self-worth.  Known  for  its  thought-provoking  boldness,  he  creates  art  that  rattles  nerves,  stirs the  senses,  and  invites  the  viewer  to  not  only  question  societal  views  of  worth  but  their perspectives  as  well.

Reverb, 2018 Size: 52.5” x 64.5” Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

Who To, 2018 Size: 67.5” x 52.75” x 2" Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

Nine Stories, 2017 Size: 44.25” x 67.5” x 2" Medium: Oil Enamel on Baltic Birch Price Upon request

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