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11-2016 Light Paining Photography

07-2016 The Best Anti-Trump Art from Around the World, by Carlo McCormick, July 14, 2016

03-2016 Huffington Post: Donald Trump ‘Loser,’ by Artist Vicki DaSilva, in Front of His Building, by Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington

07-2015 Artnet News: New York’s 15 Can’t Miss Summer Public Art Installations, by Sarah Cascone

09-2015 Hedge, 37, The Mayfair Issue - Going Public

06-2015 The Wall Street Journal, NYC’s Newest Outdoor Art, by Susan Delson

03-2015 Artnet News, Vicki DaSilva’s Light Graffiti Promotes Campaign for Syria, by Sarah Cascone

08-2014 Artnet News, Artist Renders East River Flows in Light Graffiti, by Sarah Cascone

09-2013 Photo District News Edu, 2013 Fall Edition, Feature, 'One to Watch'

04-2013 Lehigh Valley Style Magazine, Feature: Making Her Mark with Light

06-2012 New York Times, Arts, cover

08-2011 Whitehot Magazine

07-2011 New York Photo Review, Volume 2 Issue 29


06-2011, The Sound You See Reverberating by Dominick Lombardi


05-2011 Missy Magazine

04-2009 feature interview by Karl Fabricius

10-2008 feature interview by Christian Barclay

06-2006 Light Art from Artificial Light, ZKM/Museum for Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, Germany


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